breakfast @ lafabrica

you can have breakfast with us until 3am

sweet morning

homemade pancakes, fruit compote, fruit macedonia, cegan fresh cream, coconut flakes, müsli, chocolate and sauce


sunny side up eggs, roasted sourdough bread garnished with charred spinach an dpak choi, cherry tomato, avocado, rocket leafs basil oil.

large breakfast

vegan carrot salmon, avocado, oven baked vegetable panache, green salad, fruit, muesli crunchy, served with vegan jam, homemade chickpea and beetroot hummus, fresh bread and vegan butter


hearty chipped puffed muesli bowl, served with fruits, blueberry, and lime flavoured yoghurt.

lafabrica tortilla  verde

famous spanish tortilla, puffed spinach omlett served with camembert and spinach cream, salad, cherry tomatoe, coffe balsmamico reduction

huevos locos

slow cooked papriksa and tomatoe salsa, sewrved with 2 porched eggs, feta cheese, avocado, coriander, sprouts, tortillsa crisp


croissant / muesli with milk or yoghurt / fruits salad  / yoghurt / butter / bread basket / scrambled eggs / margarine