about la fabrica

tradition meets the future at la fabrica. In 2019, we opened the first vegan-vegetarian restaurant in berlin, where food and art are combined in the style of a latin american bar. in berlin we created a unique place based on a central american concept. a warm and friendly atmosphere invites you to linger, accompanied by music and innovative dishes. that's why we have created our own kitchen, using modern processing techniques and original and international knowledge of ingredients to create a unique taste.

a large part of our supplies are of natural and unprocessed quality. We do not process ready meals. thanks to our international employees, we are inspired by many places and their products. by traveling to different countries we were also able to expand our knowlegde. la fabrica is constantly changing and yet we remain faithful to traditional cooking, choosing our ingredients carefully and cooking with love.

 our dinning room with bar


The bright, high-ceilinged room with tiled walls offers free Wi-Fi and a large bar. An extra area for chilling work on the laptop has been created, and the large windows make the room bright in daylight. The in-house espresso mixture lets the area smell of caramel and cocoa.

You can plan your celebration or event with us either in our café or at a specific location.

Our separate rooms can accommodate 40 guests and can be rented for events, either wedding, birthday party, vernissage or team meetings.